Crushing – always professional and safe

Many construction and renovation projects requires crushing of concrete and other materials. This is necessary to complete the foundation of the new construction. The crushing makes it easier to transport and dispose the material. NKR has the right equipment and expertise to perform crushing of concrete, brick, asphalt and otther materials. We help you to clear the foundation so it is ready for a new project. Our dedicated employees performs the task quickly, effeciently and with care for the environment.

Crush concrete from any demolition project

When we crush and dispose concrete from construction sites, we make sure to recycle it. When we perform the actual crushing, it is done with great care for safety. The task is therefor always performed by a professional staff who meets all safety requirements. 

Crushing with recycling in mind

Concrete and other materials can often be reused. The recyclable material can often be used for many good purposes, including:


  • New building material
  • Capillary layers/moisure barrier
  • Base layer for soil, forest roads, internal roads and parking spaces
  • As an additive in asphalt 

Do you have any questions about crushing? Would you like to reuse your concrete? Do you want a concrete offer from us? Contact us at NKR Demolition Group and we will find the best solution.

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