Welcome to NKR Demolition Group

NKR Demolition Group is a company that is specialized in tasks within the area of Demolition, Blasting, Crushing, Asbestos Cleanups and Cleaning of Building, Factories & Building sites. NKR Demolition Group (Parent Company) has in addition two subsidiary companies located in Scandinavia: 

  •  NKR Gruppen ApS- Denmark 
  •  NKR Demolition Sweden AB- Sweden 

” We wish to meet and fulfill our customers expectations and needs, by offering a reliable partner that has a skilled & a trained staff, where we can deliver growth and create good win-win situations”  Managing Director, Mr Karsten Rasmussen 


We perform demolition on special and complex buildings. We have a long experience of recycling closed factories, bridges and heavy industrial structures…


We have the knowledge and experience to disassemble parts of industries without any risks for the remaining buildings and equipment…


Our associates: